Job #4
Job #4

Greg shot a Subway campaign in early June for our friends at McGarryBowen NY. You’ll probably see the first of the spots called “Proposal” if you happen to be watching a network TV show. The film tells the story of a young man getting down on one knee in front of his girlfriend to seemingly propose to her. Anticipating a diamond ring, she is instead offered an oversized green velvet box. The earnest suitor asks “Will you...have lunch with me?” as he opens the box to present her with the tasty treat (a Subway Ciabatta sandwich!). Our heroine answers excitedly in the affirmative, nearly losing her shit.

IMG_0773 (1).jpg

There were a lot of firsts on this shoot: Greg’s first job with Tomorrow. The first time an inflatable dress was ever successfully featured and deployed in a food campaign (99% sure about this). The first use of a four inch vacuum and a hand-cranked periscope in a food campaign. The first use of the phrase “Ciabatta Believe It!” 

It also marked the first appearance of Tomorrow’s new swag. We received our new hats just in time to give the McGarryBowen team their choice of colors. Please see picture below.

IMG_0802 (1).jpeg

This was an interesting moment to study human behavior. After much indecision, producer-types all gravitated towards the faded blue. The agency account exec and our Subway client chose faded black. Creatives were 100% drawn to the Nantucket Red/salmon/pink/coral version, although one didn’t understand that you have to wear it with the brim facing forward so that everybody can see the killer Tomorrow icon. Greg chose the faded black version too...and hasn’t taken it off once since that day. Chris chose the only cream colored one. What does this say about all of us? Probably nothing. Or maybe everything.