Job #6
Job #6

Job #6 was a pharma shoot with a fantastic team from Publicis NY. Shot in the Scottish Highlands in mid-July, Stuart directed and Chris went along to “supervise.” The following are Chris’ thoughts about the experience.

Here are some things I’ll never forget about Job #6:

The Castles: There were beautiful castles everywhere I turned. We shot Kilchurn Castle from across Loch Awe, and it was awe-inspiring. I kept thinking to myself “Who were these Scottish clans who had the knowledge to build these amazing fortresses in the 15th century? And why did they do it?” When I got back to LA, I streamed multiple episodes of Outlander, and still couldn’t figure it out.


Cricket: Some of my favorite people in the world are obsessed with cricket, but I never quite understood the game’s nuances until I was stuck listening to it on the radio for four hours en route to a tech scout (called a “recce” in this part of the world). Rich from Nice Shirt was nice enough to patiently keep describing what was going on. Armed with this new knowledge, I assured everyone around me that I was certain that England would win the Cup. I’ll never forget that moment three hours later when our mostly British crew gathered around the radio to listen as England won the World Cup for the first time in history. It was kind of awesome - like when the Yankees win the World Series, but 27 times more unique. See [above or below] the picture of the crew listening to the final moments when the English team somehow scraped out a tie in the last at-bat with a double and then won in extra innings. See, I speak Rugby now! (Also, check out Kilchurn Castle in the background).


Midges: I laughed at these almost-invisible bugs called midges...until I experienced them. See picture of Marwan, me and Alan. You know what’s fucking crazy? Midges.


The Harry Potter Train: People go bat-shit crazy for this train. I saw tourists from all over the world climb up the most disgusting muddy hillsides near the Glenfinnan Viaduct to see this train go by. Many of them were dressed in robes and had fake owls on their shoulders, and they were weeping at the sight OF A TRAIN. Weird. [Editor’s note: spoken like a true Ravenclaw].


Stuart: My first Tomorrow shoot with him. I get to see how amazing he is at his job. This guy is REALLY good. As an added bonus, Stuart insists that I’m not allowed to wear a kilt, and that was probably a good thing. (This is me with Stuart overlooking the Glenfinnan Viaduct).


Beauty: The natural beauty of Scotland is staggering. Where are all of the people? The strip malls? The garbage?? The sprawl? I kept thinking ”Holy Shit this place is beautiful. We should all be doing our part to save the earth from humanity.” I was so appreciative when I got to my hotel room the first night and saw that our production partner Nice Shirt Films gave us all Nice Shirt water bottles in our goody bags, and on set, they brought water stations to fill those water bottles. We (Americans) can learn from this. So appreciative that Nice Shirt made the effort.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 3.03.11 PM.png

St. Andrews: The Home of Golf becomes a public park on Sundays, and everybody walks their dogs on the Old Course. I made my pilgrimage there on the Sunday after the shoot with Rachel, Mary and Steve. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the golf course and the university town. I had my picture taken on the Swilcan Bridge like many of my heroes. 


Whiskey: It tastes better over there. We built camaraderie with a little sip of it every night in places with names like Aberfeldy, Dunkeld, Ardanaiseig and Fort William. I loved getting to know everybody a little bit better over a wee dram - during this shoot I was continually reminded that I’m the luckiest person in the world to get to travel to places like this and get to collaborate with amazing people.


Special thanks to Rachel, Stuart, Rich, the entire Nice Shirt team, Johnny Walker the van driver (that was his real name. He drove very slowly), Kenny the VERY fast driver (so fast that I self-drove after the recce), Alan, Marwan, Mary and the rest of the amazing crew from Publicis, the pharma clients who were all so good at their jobs and so much fun to be with, and the great people of Scotland.